Continuing our discovery of hyperlocal blogs like ours we have stumbled upon Livinintheloin, another blog about, er, living in the Loin. When we started Tenderblog we looked for other blogs on this neighborhood and thought there weren’t any, but apparently we didn’t look very well since Livinintheloin has been around for over a year. We’re happy, though, to find out we’re not alone.

livinintheloin header

The author of Livinintheloin defines himself as:

Basically, a regular guy that’s been in the area for about a decade, in SF for 6 years. Last summer, ‘07, I bought a condo in the Tenderloin — the American dream. From the perspective of a guy who had actually only been downtown a few times — the “dream” was initially more like a psycho-nightmare. Uh, what is that smell? Look at that, a guy using a car mirror to inject (I dunno) into his neck.

After acclimating to the loin, and realizing that I was pretty lucky, re: buying, I’m loving the area. My life experience, and the things I’ve seen, folks I’ve met, have enriched me in ways that I never would have expected. I’ve gone from scared, to give all the homeless folks a one way ticket to Fresno, and back to what I hope is a more grounded, empathetic place.
I guess the lesson for me has been: turn your life upside down every so often, and see where you are when you are right side up again — what you are looking at/seeing, and where you are looking from.

Livinintheloin writes quite a bit about politics, the environment and interesting ‘serious stuff’ around the neighborhood, we learnt for example that the 50 United Nations Plaza will receive $121 million upgrade under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to bring the mothballed federal office building back to life. He also has a great comprehensive list of restaurants titled Eatinintheloin and a bunch of photos of the Tenderloin in his Flickrstream.