We discovered Muni Diaries yesterday but the site was down and so we wouldn’t check it out properly. Today we have been reading through their archives and, being public transit fans, we loved everything we saw. Actually, we might need to send them a few pictures of our countless interesting Muni experiences…

A few days ago they published an email they received from a reader named Mary describing a scene on the 71L bus. Since it goes through Civic Center and it mentions Van Ness Avenue, we wanted to share it with our readers:

At 5:15 p.m. last night, the 71L was packed with the usual mixed clientele of workers, tourists and street people. At Van Ness a woman with small baby in front carrying pack got on the bus. She was offered a couple of seats as she passed toward the back of the bus, but she said she would stand. She had a cover over the baby, but as she passed me I could see from the side she was breast feeding the baby.

About four stops later the bus driver, woman, stood up and asked that the woman with the baby come forward. She did. After the bus driver spoke to her, she turned around and said to everyone, “Hey there’s no pornography going on here so you can all relax,” as she made her way back through the bus to where she had been standing. As she spoke to the woman accompanying her, she said the driver said several passengers had complained about her showing her breasts.

Read the rest of the story on Muni Diaries here.