Last Friday The Chronicle published an article saying that the San Francisco Association of Realtors is coming out with a new neighborhood map this summer “replacing stale names with hip ones, adding enclaves and changing boundaries to try to answer one of San Francisco’s most complicated questions: So, where do you live?” The real estate map was last updated in 2005 and it doesn’t look like the task of updating it again is going to be easy. Matthew Borland, a Zephyr real estate agent who is leading the map redesign is quoted as saying:

We worked for four years on this, and we didn’t allow changes like ‘TenderNob’ for the Tenderloin just to change home values – the changes had to reflect a true change and feel of the fabric of a neighborhood

Of course, we at the Tenderblog have to disagree with him. And what is the “fabric of a neighborhood” anyway?

To add confusion to the task, The Chronicle asked readers to define their neighborhood and came up with over 200 names that you can check on this map. Some of the names referring to ares of our neighborhood included: Tenderloin Heights (basically what we know as the Tendernob), Noberloin (Bush and Leavenworth), Crackhaven North (Geary and Polk), Crack Central (Ellis and Taylor), the Upper Tenderloin (California and Polk), Civic Loin (Larkin and Eddy), and Hell (Turk and Leavenworth)