Thanks to a comment they left on our About page (the first comment on the Tenderblog, yay!) we discovered the fabulous blog I live here: SF and we have instantly become fans. It is a collection of profiles of people living in the city, which usually includes very cool photo shoots in their neighborhoods. And it turns out their latest featured San Franciscan is a Tenderloinan (or should I say Tenderloinette? Hmmm). Meet Kathleen:

We like her not only because she lives in the Tenderloin, but also because she’s very proud of it:

I am proud to live here in the Tenderloin. In fact, most of the people who live in the TL are very proud of living here. When I tell people that I live in the TL, they just think of all of the crackheads, drug dealers, homeless people and prostitutes who litter the streets, but we have all walks of life here. We have all sorts of cool restaurants and bars. We are surrounded with local artists and local art galleries. Anything one could ever need is within walking distance or is a short MUNI ride away. The Tenderloin is such a central location in the city. It’s right in the middle of everything. The beautiful thing about the TL is that it is vibrant and full of energy. Day or night, there is always something going on here. There is never a dull moment in this part of the city.

She’s also a bartender and a has a blog about her bartending experiences called Cielo Gold: Bartender – check it out! We also loved the fact that her photo shoot included some of our most favorite locations in the Tenderloin, such as this jungle mural or the red wall on Hemlock Alley, and that she goofed around the pole of a 38 bus stop. Check out the full photo set of Kathleen here, and read the full post on I live here: SF.

Update: we just noticed that somebody named Sinny left a great comment on I live here: SF that we loved about the Tenderloin. So touching:

“there is nothing tender about tenderloin”
but for those of us who has been there, carrying cases of beer sweating, managing the drunk while intoxicated ,
there are tenderness everywhere in the infamous tenderloin,
it’s our Hollywood in the bay area
but nicer and cooler and with honesty