Photo by Tenderblog717 Leavenworth is a weird little spot. Whenever I would drop deep in to the Loin for eats, I would pass by this little space and wonder what it was. You see, for the longest time it was this front for something called, Geometricks. There were these small sculptures in the windows and sometimes they would change, but the door was never open. It was almost like the apartment building that contains this space was ignoring it.

Then, in March 2009, something happened. The old windows got ripped off. The space got cleaned up and remodeled quite heavily. Suddenly, up sprung, Timezone, one of San Francisco’s newest micro galleries. Basically, they’re mostly just offering the space as you can see in their guidelines that artists have to staff their own shows. Pretty cool system really and I’ve seen it work well in other places. Will there be enough foot traffic to make the place viable? Only time will tell.